Jennifer Hudson-I Remember Me [Album Review]

Jennifer Hudson has been such a major presence in the industry, it’s almost hard to believe it’s been 3 years since she dropped her debut album. First time out the gate she won a Grammy that adds even more pressure than normal for a new artist trying to dodge the “sophomore album curse”. After listening to this album I am a believer that JHud has nothing to worry about. The songs I find myself playing repeatedly are:

No One Gonna Love You produced by Rich Harris. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the track complimented the lyrics. This track is mid tempo and boasts some impressive keys but doesn’t outshine JHud’s powerful vocals.

I Got This-Another mid tempo but motivational song-the title pretty much says it all. This is easily my favorite song on the album.

Don’t Look Down produced by Alicia Keys and Salaam Remi-This is a very smooth dance track that has a 70s vibe to it. It’s a very fun track with a spring feel to it. I love this song.

Overall, this isn’t the best female R&B album of all time. Vocally Jennifer Hudson is one of the greatest voices of all time but sadly the songwriting was mediocre at best. She puts forth a solid effort with this album there’s more hot than not on this album. I do hope on her next project she works with songwriters and producers that are as skilled at their craft as she is-she deserves nothing less. This album was released on March 22 and is currently available for purchase.


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