Kinect for Xbox 360 *Holiday Gift Guide 2010*

By - November 2010

At 1st looking to be one of the biggest gambles by Microsoft is turning out to being one of the most sought after holiday gifts this year. The Kinect looks to take some of the fun from the Wii and throw it into your Xbox 360.

The Kinect is a camera that captures full body motion and allows you to interact with your Xbox360 without controllers necessary. Also whats cool about the Kinect is that it also captures your voice for commands also. Its a interesting device I would to see how its incorporated into more games as it progresses.

Just make sure your house/room is setup for it. You need a nice amount of space for it to work. So maybe hooking it up in your living room and moving your coffee table out the way would be a good idea.

The Kinect retails for $149.99 solo, $299 w/ the 4Gb model, or $399 w/ the 250GB model.

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