Wahidah Fowler Talks About the Astro Gaming A30 Cross Gaming Headset

By - March 2010

Our coverage of the Astro Gaming A30 Cross Gaming Headset isn’t over yet. You know Wahidah had to come through and talk about these headphones as well. Check out the video above and let’s us know what you think. Are you going to cop a pair? Will you get some custom tags with your pair? We looking into some G Style custom tags, so if you happen to notice a pair of these with the G Style logo on them, it is us or a really dedicated reader!

Wahidah has been working with G Style Magazine for a little while, but now has been brought on as a official member of the G Style staff. Wahidah is our video personality, so any of the cool videos of new products and gadgets, she will be the one to cover these items on video. We wouldn’t consider Wahidah a “gadget head”, but she does have good tech taste. She owns both a Macbook and a iPhone 3G.